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New Canada Games Cauldron Unveiled Ahead of PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games

The Host Society

New Canada Games Cauldron Unveiled Ahead of PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games

Charlottetown, PE (February 14, 2023) – The PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games Host Society and Canada Games Council are proud to unveil the new cauldron that will house the flame to ignite the spirit of Canadian sport throughout the 2023 Canada Games, February 18 - March 5, 2023.

The 10-foot-high cauldron was conceptually designed by Canadian company Sholto Design Studio with support from Indigenous artist Randall Bear Barnetson and marketing firm Will Creative. Built from stainless steel, the cauldron was fabricated locally by Charlottetown Metal Products (CMP), at their manufacturing facility in PEI.

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Canada, and the new cauldron will live on as a legacy at future Canada Games.

Various interviews, documents, and transcripts were analyzed to gain insight into the challenges and motivations of Canada Games athletes to achieve greatness both on and off the field of play. From this exercise, three overarching themes ultimately inspired the design of the cauldron:

  • Challenge - The challenges we face help us define greatness.
  • Support - The support we receive from others enriches the entire community.
  • Perpetual - When we spark greatness we perpetually amplify inspiration.

Guided by these main themes, the cauldron was realized through two of its physical forms: shape and texture.

The Shape – Perpetual, Foreverness

Every day, Canadians overcome challenges and inspire others to face their own. The circular design of the cauldron’s mobius ring intends to evoke this idea of perpetual inspiration that has fueled athletes and the Canada Games since its inception over half a century ago, with one generation sparking greatness in the next.

The Texture – Challenged, Supported

Representing all Provinces and Territories, the gold texture of the Cauldron’s flora elements connects diverse identities across Canada by integrating local plants unique to specific regions, including black spruce, paper birch, sweetgrass and western red cedar, reminding us of the land we share. These flora elements also have deep roots within Indigenous culture, symbolizing healing, generosity, resilience and inclusivity – characteristics that also shine in Canada Games athletes.

The one-of-a-kind-cauldron will be on display throughout the Games at the main Festival site located at Founders’ Food Hall & Market in Charlottetown. An official ceremony to light the Canada Games cauldron will take place on February 19 at 1:45 p.m., coinciding with the opening of the IllumiNATION Festival.

For more information about the PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games, the cauldron design, or to purchase tickets including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, please visit


“As we prepare to welcome the athletes to our friendly shores, we feel a sense of collective pride and excitement with the unveiling of the new Canada Games cauldron. This one-of-a-kind cauldron, fabricated right here on PEI, is a testament to our unique Island spirit. The cauldron will help us ignite the spirit of Canadian sport and we encourage everyone to come see its beauty up close as it shines brightly throughout the two weeks of competition.”

  • Wayne Carew, Chair, 2023 Canada Games

“The Canada Games cauldron is an iconic symbol that shines brightly throughout the Games and ignites a spark in young athletes, volunteers and fans from far and wide. We are grateful to the creative minds behind the bold and inclusive design, the skilled team of fabricators, the Government of Canada, and the 2023 Host Society for their vision and leadership in bringing this legacy to life. The lighting of the cauldron at each Canada Games will undoubtedly spark greatness for generations to come.”

  • Evan Johnston, Chair, Canada Games Council

“The cauldron is a three-dimensional representation of the Canada Games brand utilizing material, form, scale, and most importantly, rich storytelling. The creative process was a truly enriching collaboration, weaving together voices, opinions and ideas from individuals representing the breadth and diversity of Canada. The end result is one of true beauty, carefully balancing form and function, taking inspiration from an Indigenous concept of ‘foreverness’, united with texture from our nation's most abundant flora. The perpetually twisting form ultimately represents the Canada Games purpose, to continually spark greatness, and inspire future generations and communities forever.”

  • Nick Richards, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Will Creative

“During our research, I learned that the Canada Games give athletes and volunteers a forum to channel adversity into inspiring stories that encourage others to persevere. I wanted to symbolize that perpetual inspiration in the design of the cauldron. The perpetual ring of fire symbolizes the ongoing inspiration that athletes have continually drawn from each other and pass onwards. The black spruce, silver birch, sweetgrass and red cedar span Canada and represent our unity and our diversity.”

  • Sholto Scruton, Sholto Design Studios

“Snachaliya (I am grateful) to Canada Games Council for adding an Indigenous voice to this project. Ust’ah Uncha (I am hopeful) that Indigenous peoples will see themselves reflected in the design.”

  • Randall Bear Barnetson, Indigenous Artist

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the Canada Games Cauldron. The opportunity to collaborate closely with the 2023 Canada Games Host Society, MCA Consultants, and JL Gasfitters coupled with the talents of our engineering and manufacturing teams brought the design to life.  Manufactured from stainless steel, this cauldron will be a lasting testament to the spirit of the Canada Games and participating athletes who inspire all of us through their dedication and hard work.”

  • Trevor Spinney, President, Charlottetown Metal Products
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