The Host Society

Islanders invited to create the mascot theme song

The Host Society

Islanders invited to create the mascot theme song

Request for Mascot Theme Song - Expressions of Interest (REOI)
Musicians and Artists


The Prince Edward Island 2023 Canada Games Host Society invites interested musicians and artists to submit an Expression of Interest to create a Mascot Theme Song for the purpose of providing accompanying music for Wowkwis when she is attending community events. 


Surrounded by ocean, beauty and spirit, we’ll welcome the best athletes in Canada to Prince Edward Island. Together, we’ll spark greatness and celebrate the power of sport and share the warmth, community, and spirit of Prince Edward Island with every corner of the country. From athletes and coaches to volunteers and fans, the 2023 Games will make every Canadian an Islander. 

Our Mascot, Wowkwis, was named after the Mi'kmaq First Nations peoples’ word for “red fox,” and celebrates the rich history of our province.  A local, who hails from world-famous North Rustico, Wowkwis' favourite colour is turquoise because it resembles the water in the bay, and her favourite sport is ringette. The quillwork that Wowkwis wears showcases the local art and culture of the Abegweit Mi’kmaq First Nations peoples and was crafted by local Island artist Noella Moore. Wowkwis will play a vital role in welcoming our nation to PEI and showcasing the spirit, heart and spark of the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

REOI Submission Details

  • Working with the Mascot costume and gain an understanding of what movements can take place when wearing the mascot uniform, the successful supplier(s) will bring our Mascot to life with a song that will enhance Games engagement for children and families by creating an accompaniment song for our Mascot to dance to when attending community events. 
  • All submissions must include services for both the music and lyrics (if accompanied). Submissions can be from individuals, groups or companies offering both services, or a joint submission from collaborating musicians and artists (songwriters, singers, etc.). Submissions that include only music with no lyrics will be considered.
  • The song will be no longer than two minutes and if lyrics are part of the song, they need to encompass both English and French like the bilingual version of O Canada, for example (the supplier will not be responsible for translation).
  • The song will target an audience of ages five to 15 years of age.
  • The song should be catchy and memorable that celebrates our mascot Wowkwis and is inspiring, youthful and engaging.
  • A demo format for submission purposes with lyrics on paper will be required by August 4, 2022. The 2023 Canada Games will pay to have it professionally recorded for posterity. The 2023 Canada Games Host Society reserves the right to amend the music and/or lyrics, in discussion with the successful applicant, in order to better meet the needs of the Society.

Successful Applicant - Copyright & Fees

Though they will be recognized as the author\artist of the mascot song, the successful applicant(s), in exchange for compensation, will sign an agreement assigning all rights to their work to the 2023 Canada Games Host Society until March 31, 2023. Rights shall include but not be limited to, copyright, related rights, moral rights, and unlimited reproduction and publishing of literary and visual content without further royalty or fee payments. Musicians\artists shall warrant to the Host Society that all work is original and that they have full right to the work that they are assigning. 

Compensation & Fees

Compensation for this project will be $1,000 CAD plus applicable taxes, inclusive of all services and expenses relating to the submission of EOI. The 2023 Canada Games Host Society will also assume the cost for a professional studio recording once the winning song is selected. The selected musician and/or artist will be recognized for their creative contribution of the song through a media release and across the Host Societies promotional and social media platforms.

Proposals can be submitted digitally, supplied as a PDF file, and delivered by email to

The deadline for portfolio submissions is June 24, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. AST.  Late submissions will not be considered.

Canada Games reserves the right to:

  • Reject any or all submissions ;
  • Negotiate with any approved supplier directly in regard to services ;
  • Amend or supplement the terms outlined in this REOI giving equal information and cooperation to all applicants as a result of such amendments ;
  • Confidentially retain all responses to the REOI.

Any costs incurred in the preparation of proposals in response to this REOI shall be absorbed by the musicians\artists. As noted above, no creative content will be used without the consent of the submitting musicians\artists.


REOI Issued         May 31, 2022 

Application Deadline June 24, 2022

Anticipated Decision Date July 6, 2022

Full Draft of Song Submitted August 4, 2022

Anticipated Start Date  August 10, 2022

Questions or Information

For questions or information in regards to this REOI, please contact:

Cara Squires, Director of Volunteer Services & Community Relations 

2023 Canada Games Host Society

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