About prince edward island

Welcome to Prince Edward Island.

Our little Island packs a big punch. With adventure around every turn, beauty that’s hard to believe, food that is out of this world and energy beyond compare, Prince Edward Island will charm you from tip-to-tip.

PEI is nestled among the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Island’s reputation extends across the country and around the world as a first-class destination for visitors, for hosting events, for leisure, and for a lifestyle that is beyond compare.

Places to Stay
Do you prefer the great outdoors or the buzz of a downtown vibe? Whatever your taste, choose from a selection of listings to fit your needs. Our operators take great pride in their establishments and share this goal - to help you have an amazing vacation.
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Things To Do
Get ready to unpack your sense of discovery with endless beaches, wandering trails and unique attractions. Every inlet is like a storybook with its own songs, tall tales and unique way of doing things.
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Festivals & Events
Our festivals and events showcase the remarkable artistic, culinary, cultural and musical talents of our small Island community.
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