Over 2,500 athletes will be competing to win one of these hard-earned medals.

Designed by local Island artist, Christina Patterson, the medal design for the 2023 Canada Winter Games reflects the beauty, culture, and history of Prince Edward Island, while also representing the very best in Canadian sport and spirit of more than 2,500 young athletes participating in the 29th edition of the Canada Games.

The Mi’kmaq Star

Mi’kmaq (Meeg-mah) are the Indigenous People of Prince Edward Island and have called this beautiful Island home for over 12,000 years. Epekwitk (ehb-uh-gwihd) is the traditional Mi’kmaq name for Prince Edward Island, meaning “something lying on the water.”

The Mi’kmaw Star represents a symbol of unity for the Mi’kmaq people. The points represent balance within oneself and with mother earth, as well as, the four directions - North, South, East and West. Doubled to eight points, the design implies that there is always something more than meets the eye.

Similarly, the star represents athletes coming together from all corners of the country to compete in the 2023 Canada Winter Games and celebrate the power of sport.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouses are known as one of Prince Edward Island’s most iconic landmarks with 61 dotted across its famous shores. They are constructed to withstand powerful storms and turbulent ocean waters, while providing guidance and light for loved ones at sea. Rising from the landscape every 55 kilometres, each one stands tall as a reminder of the ability to overcome challenges and adversity with strength and resiliency.

Similarly, the Canada Games is a celebration of athletes overcoming their most formidable challenges and obstacles and becoming more resilient and strong. Therefore, the lighthouse was a critical element of the medal design that athletes will wear with pride.

The Logo

Our logo shape is derived from both a spark and maple leaf, and represents Canada Games vision to spark greatness. Within the shape is PEI’s iconic Confederation Bridge, symbolizing our connection to Canada, through Island nature, where water and land meet.

The Lanyard

The lanyard takes its inspiration from our Island geography creating a coastline that is connecting, amplifying and full of energy. It signifies how the Canada Games creates a ripple effect for athletes and leaders to spark greatness both on and off the field of play.

The Medal Tray

The medal tray was designed by local students in Holland College’s Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program. Their primary focus is working on real life projects that positively impact communities. The program teaches students construction techniques that were used centuries ago and replicate them by combining traditional skills with the latest technology.