Even after the final buzzer our Games never stop.

The 2023 Winter Games will be a moment shared by the entire nation, and its legacy will live on long into the future. Investment in local infrastructure will pay dividends for generations to come, with new and improved community facilities that will leave PEI stronger and healthier for having hosted the Games.

Programming & sport

We’re not leaving a legacy. We’re creating millions of them.

We are proud of the Games’ contribution to Canada’s sport development system. We’re not just bringing the country together, we’re building a lasting legacy. One that lives on in the sport facilities, community pride and national unity each Games has created.


Empowering communities.
Enriching lives.

The 2023 Winter Games won’t just bring people together, it will bring them to our island. Revenue generated through athlete involvement, fan visits and sponsorship will bring the Games to life. Any surplus created by the Games will also be used to establish a 2023 Canada Games Legacy Fund to support sport leadership and development projects in communities across PEI.

Transfer of knowledge

Passing the torch.

The legacy of the Games isn’t just felt by the athletes or the host communities, it’s felt by the entire country. This is ensured through the Canada Games Council Transfer of Knowledge and Information program, which provides advice, guidance, direction, and support to pass the torch from one Games to the next.