Brand story

We exist to strengthen the fabric of Canada, through the power of sport.

Therefore, we promise to celebrate and inspire the best of the next generation.
In everything we do, we spark greatness, and as a result are seen as amplifying,
passionate, inclusive and enriching.


Canada is often seen as a place that is polite and understated. But anyone who’s ever described Canada that way hasn’t lined up across from us on the field, competed against us in the arena, or cheered with us in the stands. The Canada Games are here to amplify what our country is really about.


We’re passionate about unlocking the potential of athletes, sport and our country. Without passion, no one would wake up at four in the morning to train every day, no one would push for that last rep, no one would do the extra work that separates good from great. Passion is the lifeblood of sport, and we have the honour of sharing that with all of Canada.


The Canada Games bring together able-bodied athletes and athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities from every province and territory, gender and sexual identity, and cultural background. We are one of the most diverse and accessible athletic events in the world. And we want to welcome everyone to share the connecting power of sport as well as the lifelong friendships that spring from the Games.


Sport is transformative. We love it for its ability to enrich our lives. It shows us what we’re capable of and inspires us to continue to progress — to be faster, stronger, more connected and open. The Canada Games don’t just help individual athletes and teams uncover this enrichment, we expand it to communities across our whole country.

Skier. curler. boxer. islander.

The sport pictograms have been designed to represent each sport at the 2023 Canada Games. They should be used as supplied and without modification.

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Sparking greatness,
the PEI way.

Made up of a spark and a maple leaf, our logo represents our vision to spark greatness in all Canadians. Look a little closer and you’ll see PEI’s iconic Confederation Bridge alongside an array of blues and greens representing the ocean and Prince Edward Island’s rolling hills.

A full suite of logo versions have been created for all needs and eventualities. We've got your back. Please use them as supplied and without modification.

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